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Just a Thought Counseling, PLLC
Rebecca Jamison, MA, LCMHC


My name is Becky Jamison. I specialize in using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) because it works.

  • CBT is supportive. Your thoughts, your feelings, your goals are all important. 

  • CBT is time-sensitive. I know your time is valuable. I want you feeling better as soon as possible, and I want you to have the skills to stay that way. 

  • CBT is structured, meaning we set each session's agenda together to make the best use of your time. We stay focused on your goals and your progress.

  • CBT is present-oriented, which means together we focus on how to improve your life right now. We only dig into the past if we need to and if you want to. 

  • CBT has been scientifically tested and found to be effective in more than 2000 studies for the treatment of many different health and mental health conditions. *

*Beck Institute website:

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